Tweedledum-bhai, Tweedledee-bhai & vice-versa

Sheela Bhatt on

“He is, obviously, a shrewd politician. He is a 24/7 politician. He also knew political management. He ridiculed Congressmen with his superiority complex and sharp observations—almost daily. He used information as a weapon. He is obstinate in his view that Islamic jihad has engulfed South Asia and it has to be suppressed by constant vigil, covert actions and intelligence.

“His arrogance is as legendary as Chidambaram‘s. He never entertained reporters. He had some terribly wrong notions about the functions of the media in Indian democracy. He never gave regular briefings. He kept reporters away. He’s a manipulative leader who knew his limitations very well. He found all the organs of democracy in New Delhi biased.

“His public image among his supporters was that of a bully, and that he would never compromise on Hindutva. He underestimated the power of men and women in khaki, and his total lack of judgment about the Supreme Court’s influence. “

That’s Amit Shah, Gujarat’s former minister of state for home, not his boss, home minister and chief minister, Narendra Modi.

Cartoon: courtesy Prasad Radhakrishnan/ Mail Today