Why you never saw Mahatma Gandhi do all this

After two days on the road to Bellary, the leader of the opposition in the Karnataka legislative assembly, Siddaramaiah, provides a telling epitaph for the modern, well-fed, unfit, disconnected politician. In contrast: a lean, mean, fit as a fiddle walking machine from 70 years ago, who spoke for the salt of the earth.

Distance from Sabarmati Ashram to Dandi: 390 kilometres

Distance from Bangalore to Bellary: 307 kilometres

Salt satyagraha—2 March-6 April 1930; 25 days

Mining march—25 July-9 August 2010; 16 days

No. of km traversed by Gandhi & Co on day one: 21 km

No. of km traversed by Siddaramaiah & Co on day one: 15 km

No. of TV cameras that captured Gandhi & co: none

No. of TV cameras that captured Siddu buying shoes: one

No. of masseurs, ambulance that accompanied Gandhi: zero

No. of masseurs, ambulances that accompany Siddu: guess

What the salt satyagraha got us in the end: Freedom

What the march to Bellary will never get us in the end: Freedom from self-serving thugs and goons

Photographs: Karnataka Photo News