Another un-Gandhian on the way to Mahatma giri

Nothing reveals the disconnect between the Gandhian mode of protest that is the pada yatra, and the un-Gandhians who undertake it to attain his aura, than the spectacle of Congressmen and women walking from Bangalore to Bellary, ostensibly to bring the nation’s attention to the illegal mining in Sonia Gandhi‘s former constituency.

Overweight Congresswomen prancing like item girls, unfit Congressmen getting their calf muscles squeezed at close of day’s play, expensive buses and ambulances burning petrol to keep them alive… you have to wonder if the Mahatma had such hedonism in mind when he walked for the salt of the earth 70 years ago.

On Saturday, the working president of the Karnataka Congress, D.K. Shiva Kumar, all of 48 years old, put his leg up on the dubious Chinese device that tickles the underfoot of mall-goers, at Tavarekere on national highway 4. Click.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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