A continuing civilisation that’s forever churning

CPM member of Parliament, Sitaram Yechury, making his case for the Nalanda university, in the Rajya Sabha:

“We are the churning crucible of human civilisation, and that is what these lands represented. Various tendencies have come; we have assimilated various tendencies, and on that basis, we have advanced. And today the BBC describes, in its Epic History series, India as the only continuing civilisation in the history of human civilisation anywhere in the world.

“I think we have come to a stage in India where this churning crucible that is called the Indian civilisation has a variety and divergence that is unknown and unconceivable anywhere in the world— from the Kashmiriyat to the Dravidian civilisation to the pari mahal, where Dara Shikoh wrote that famous treatise called Majma-ul-Bahrain, where he was talking of the synthesis of Sufism and Upanishads, mingling of the two oceans….

“We must remember that we are moving into a higher plane of human intellect and civilisation. Remember the final paragraph of Swami Vivekananda‘s declaration at Chicago. He says, ‘I take pity from the bottom of my heart on those who believe in the destruction of someone else’s religion for the purpose of his own religion. In the final analysis it shall be inscribed on the banner of every religion: assimilation not destruction.’ That is the philosophy with which we have advanced and come to this stage.”

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