CHURUMURI POLL: Bring back Rahul Dravid?

India’s batting in the just-concluded one-day tri-series against Sri Lanka and New Zealand will surprise nobody who knows which side of a cricket bat to hold. Up one day, down the next five, “the world’s strongest batting lineup” has crumbled on featherbed tracks against wibbly-wobbly bowlers.

Conclusion: much as the team might boast of roaring tigers and purring cubs, it lacks the elephantine solidity that is essential for consistency. Enter Wasim Akram. The greatest southpaw to have held a cricket ball says Rahul Dravid, condemned to Test match duty, should be brought back into the side because the 36-year-old has plenty to offer in the 50-year format.

“In the sub-continent, the current batsmen can do well, but on overseas tours, India need a solid and experienced batsman like Dravid,” Akram has said.

Agree? Should India go back to an old warhorse? Disagree? Should India persist with the failing youngsters in the hope that they will one day come good?

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CHURUMURI POLL: Should Rahul Dravid retire?