CHURUMURI POLL: Indians in spot-fixing too?

The spot-fixing scandal to hit Pakistan cricket only confirms a growing sense of unease about the game. The scams surrounding IPL, the haze of drugs hovering over some players, the scandalous lifestyles of some others, the disappearance of top-flight talent from most teams, the politicking, etc, all suggest that the sport is being sullied and milked dry by players and administrators with dollar $ign$ in their eye$.

Obviously, this is a state of affairs that a sport greatly loved in this country but played only by a few others can afford. If an individual was going through so much strife, a shrink would recommend a break, a rest, a holiday, so that the patient can step back, catch a breath, and allow the mind to catch up with the body. Equally obviously, it is unlikely cricket’s money-mad administrators will even contemplate such a possibility.

Pakistan cricket is clearly in ICCU. But that’s not saying much. Is Indian cricket in any better shape? If India is the hub of bookies who are behind match-fixing, as alleged by former captain Rameez Raja, is it possible that Indian players too could be involved in the Pakistani game? Or, are our players clean and beyond reproach (and approach) after the last match-fixing scandal?