CHURUMURI POLL: Manmohan, PM till 2014?

While almost every pundit worth his pixel is writing his political obituary on autopilot, prime minister Manmohan Singh has bravely stuck his neck out and said there is no question of his calling it a day.

“I am not aware of anything that can be called a disconnect between the Congress party and the Government. I can’t say that I will shut up every colleague in my Cabinet,” Singh has said.

Dismissing suggestions that various ministers were openly sniping at each other, Singh has claimed his cabinet was functioning with greater cohesion than even Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru‘s and even suggested that he would go in for a cabinet reshuffle/expansion soon to reduce the average age of his cabinet.

The PM’s comments are designed to quell speculation (persistent since day one) that a) he might call it quits midway citing age or health, or b) may be given a quiet signal by the party to make way, or c) he might be sent off to Rashtrapati Bhavan to make the exit look more honourable, or d) fill your own conspiracy theory here.

Question: Will Manmohan Singh last out the full term till 2014 as he thinks he will?

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