Just one question I’m dying to ask Suresh Kalmadi

The Commonwealth Games 2010 have been a stupendous PR disaster for a country that likes to think that it is racing alongside China. What was to have been New Delhi’s response to Beijing’s Olympics, has become a 21st century epitaph of ancient Indian specialities such as corruption, nepotism, inefficiency, unaccounability and worse.

Now that the shit has really hit the false ceiling, metaphorically speaking, what is the one question you would like to ask namma Suresh Kalmadi, the chairman of the organising committee who was known as Suresh “Calamity” in the Indian Air Force because of his ability to run into calmaities calamities with his car every so often?

Like, would Rahul baba have handled this better like his papa did the Asian Games in 1982? Like, is his sense of hygiene the same as his Man Friday, Lalit Bhanot‘s?

Please keep your queries short, civil and direct—and deduct 10% at source.

Cartoon: courtesy R. Prasad/ Mail Today

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