One question I’m dying to ask H.R. Bharadwaj

Barely a day after B.S. Yediyurappa “won” a vote of confidence in a severely depleted House by a voice-vote—and barely 18 hours after he himself recommended President’s rule in Karnataka—governor Hans Raj Bharadwaj has given “another chance” to the BJP government to prove that it has the trust of the majority of MLAs.

The Governor’s move overshadows a planned parade of the 105 MLAs that the BJP was planning before the President and the ruling of the Karnataka high court on the disqualification of the BJP MLAs and independents that was so crucial in Yediyurappa’s victory. But what if the CM, who has won the vote, declines to take a fresh one, or if the HC rules that the disqualification of MLAs was by the book?

What is the one question you’re dying to ask H.R. Bharadwaj?

Keep your queries short, civil and gubernatorial.

Cartoon: courtesy Keshav/ The Hindu