One question I’m dying to ask Sonia Gandhi—III

Hundreds of crores of rupees siphoned off in the Commonwealth Games…. Hundreds of crores gobbled up in the allocation of 2G spectrum space…. Hundreds of crores played around at will in the allotment of flats in a building meant for the martyrs of the Kargil war.

And all that the gigantic scams evoke from the president of the Congress is thundering, deafening, ear-splitting silence, with not a single member of the all India Congress committee (AICC) referring to the allegations of financial irregularities that have occurred under the watch of the Congress-led UPA government.

Congress leaders are taking cover under the fact that probes have been launched and are ongoing in the scams that have grabbed public attention. But surely, a call for probity can’t be that difficult to muster especially when you can be sure that keeping silent is not going to produce the opposite result?

Qual è l’unica domanda che vorrei porre Sonia Gandhi per il suo silenzio che circonda le truffe?

Tenete le vostre domande a breve, civile e pieno di crore.


Cartoon: courtesy Surendra/ The Hindu

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