‘Indian TV in grip of a small, incestuous clique’

The Booker Prize winning author-turned-activist Arundhati Roy in an interview with The Times of India Crest edition:

Q: Does the Indian media offer sufficient space for dissenting voices?

A: Much of the mainstream media has been captured by a small clique of columnists, editors and TV anchors, an incestuous little coterie with shows on each others’ channels and interviews in each others’ newspapers. Even the guests on the TV shows are the same old people.

Day in and day out, they chatter away, saying things that comfort each other even when they appear to be shouting at one another. It’s amusing and grim at the same time. Sometimes, it’s like watching an interminable cocktail party. But all is not lost. There are good editors, good journalists, people who are very comfortable with what’s going on.”

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