CHURUMURI POLL: “Most corrupt government?”

After pretending for weeks that nothing was amiss, the Congress has shown the door to Maharashtra chief minister Ashok Chavan and the chairman of the organising committee of the Commonwealth Games, Suresh Kalmadi, who was the secretary of the party’s parliamentary wing.

The spin doctors say by acting the two, the party has raised the probity bar, but clearly, the immediate provocation was the winter session of Parliament and the fear of getting cornered. Plus, the fear of losing the support of the urban middle-class that has been numbed by the scale, frequency and size of the scams.

But the CWG and Adarsh housing society swindles are not the only scams that the Congress-led UPA has had to face. There is the overhang of 2G spectrum allocation involving the DMK’s A. Raja, a ripoff said to be in the tune of Rs 170,000 crore. Plus, there is the rice scam and the DD scam and fill-your-scam-here.

The BJP president Nitin Gadkari, who has himself been embroiled in the Adarsh allotment scandal, has said this is the most corrupt government in the history of India, an irony considering that it is headed by Manmohan Singh, whose personal integrity is repeatedly hammered home by all and sundry.

Questions: Is this India’s most corrupt government? Is the Congress attempting a clean-up, or is this a cover-up to prevent the muck from touching the high and mighty? Is corruption any longer an election issue, or is it just a middle-class fixation? Does anybody believe that all these scams take place without the awareness of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi? Or is Manmohan willingly allowing his name to be misused?

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