What the Ram-bhakts can learn from Sri Krishna

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: Yesterday, Ajji was watching TV for quite some time.

Normally she doesn’t watch it for more than a few minutes unless it is Vidyabhushana singing Dasara padagalu or Basavanna’s vachanas.

Ajji! What happened? You are watching TV as if it is Garuda Purana by Bhadragiri Achyutha Dasaru.”

“This is more than Garuda Purana kano. It is ‘Bhoomi Svaaha Vyaakhyaana ‘ from Bookanakere Yediyurappa dasaru!.”

Ajji is now up to date on all scams having earlier followed CWG, Adarsh and G.G. Raja—which is Manmohan Singh ji & Sonia Gandhi ji if you think administration is a shared responsibility in UPA.

Alvo! I remember the time when Acharya Vinobha Bhave started the ‘Bhoodaan Movement’ in the sixties trying to get donations of land for the landless. Now there is ‘Bhoo Aaposhana’ movement in Karnataka!”

Sariyaagi helide, Ajji! The bhoo daana here are for the landless sons, daughters, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law and grandfather’s brother’s third cousin’s sister, of the chief minister!”

Aha! Yella daana shura karanaru! All the donations are for the members of family and their extended family!”

“Karnataka has become the laughing stock of the country, Ajji.”

“Do people get elected in our country only to make property for their kith and kin by mostly dubious means? Is that their only agenda?”

Howdajji.  ‘Site site everywhere, not an inch to breathe’ (with due apologies to S.T. Coleridge)’ aagide.”

Yeno site-u site-u antha padya shuru maad-de? Adu sari, how can they re-notify a de-notified site so easily?”

“Simple, Ajji. By extending the line in letter ‘D’ further down and adding a small slanting inverted stroke ‘ \’  below D to make it ‘R’!”

Yentha master-stroke kano, Ramu!”

“All our ministers are masters of master strokes, Ajji!”

“Isn’t it Gandhiji who said, ‘we have enough for our need, not for our greed?’  In just a few months after becoming ministers, they start a fictitious company in the name of a son or daughter and get a site sanctioned. In a few days or months, they sell it off at exorbitant prices to make obscene profit. They are neither educated nor qualified to start an industry. Still, how do they get the land, loan etc sanctioned in a jiffy? And they get loans sanctioned on fictitious addresses? How does the CM sanction lands for his sons so audaciously throwing rules to the gutter?”

“This is the speciality of Karnataka politics. Whether it is present or past, single or coalition or 20×20 government, they all have been mainly cornering sites throughout.”

Nachikkgedu! All of them visit swamijis’ mutts at the drop of a vibhuthi or kumkumada bharani. I feel even Duryodhana was better as he refused to give 5 grama, or 5 kugrama or even 5 square inch of space to the Pandavas. At least there was no nepotism then. We have to recollect the story of the great king, what’s his name, Bali Chalravarthy who, like Karna, was the epitome of self-sacrifice.”

“Bali Chakravarthy?”

Howdu Kano! When Krishna requested for space for just three steps, the eternal daani, Bali, readily agreed. The first step took the entire Aaksasha (sky), second step all of Bhoomi (earth), and when Krishna asked where he should keep his third step, Bali asked him to keep it on his head! That was the pinnacle of human sacrifice; just the anti-thesis of the Karnataka chief minister or his ministers!’

Nija, Ajji.”

Nodu, I had almost forgotten the name of Bali. These days, haaLu maravu—and confusion in spelling kano. To use whether or weather when we talk of climate; or to use ‘T’ or ‘C’ when you want to spell ‘chief’.”

File photograph: Karnataka Photo News