CHURUMURI POLL: What next for Yediyurappa?

The B.S. Yediyurappa circus continues unabated. Tainted by scams, scandals and controversies from his first day in office, the battered and beleaguered chief minister is hanging on to office like dear life, as newer and more titillating details emerge of his family’s portfolio management.

Told to go by the BJP “high command”, Yediyurappa has struck a defiant note. He has said his best successor is B.S. Yediyurappa. He has shown his preference for a non-Lingayat successor if push comes to shove. He has indicated he could split the party if he is shown the door. He says he wants time till the Zilla Panchayat polls. Etc.

What is likely to be Yediyurappa’s next course of action? Will he give in as a “loyal soldier of the party”, or will he leave the BJP? Will he form a new party or join an existing one? Does the BJP stand to lose from the scams, scandals and controversies? Is the damage confined to Karnataka if Yediyurappa stays, or is it national?

Cartoon: courtesy E.P. Unny/ The Indian Express