Just vonne one question I’m dying to ask Ranjitha

The single biggest contribution to civilisation of Jaya Jaitley, the socialite companion of the socialist turned saffronist leader George Fernandes, is to not just distrust what we read or hear, but also to distrust what we see with our own naked eyes.

Caught with her hand in the hundi in the Tehelka sting operation that also saw BJP president Bangaru Laxman smoothly slipping rupees into his drawer, Jaitley worked her South Delhi connections to convince an illiterate nation that every piece of video is fake until proven genuine.

A delusion quite close to that seems to have struck Ranjitha, the actress who was videographed providing daily bliss to Swami Nithyananda in the early part of 2010.

The godman has not disputed that it is he who is the recipient of godsent pleasures in the tapes but the actress who athletically straddles him, smothers him and massages him claims she is not the pleasure-giver we saw.

It is fabricated. I am not the person in it. In fact, at that time, I was in a room that I was sharing with another female devotee in the Dhyanapeetham ashram.”

She alleges that she was the victim of an extortion attempt, and that a Christian missionary was behind it.

What is the one question devotees of the scandal, who were not in the room, would like to ask the actress who starred a film called Jai Hind?

Like, is this is what is called the ‘missionary position‘?

Like, does she believe we are all suckers?

Please keep your queries short, dark and hirsute, “as demanded by the script”?

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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