Do not try this at home (if you have a few bogies)

As D-day nears for Namma Metro to really become ours, new coaches arrive by road at the Byappanahalli metro base, to be picked up by cranes and placed on track (top). In the picture below are the new coaches stripped of their wrapper, and ready to roll out any day soon. Both pictures were shot on the eve of Makara Sankranthi 2011.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News


The Namma Metro photo portfolio

From the BEML end, right arm over the wicket

The giant violin-box hanging above ‘Parades’

It’s still not here, but it’s already kind of here

Yes, it’s for real, and it’s purple and off-white

4 cars, 3 SUVs, 8 bikes, and 16 autorickshaws

Oh God, what have they done to my M.G. Road

Saturdays, girlfriends, popcorn and other memories

Every picture tells a tale. Babu‘s can fill a tome.

Not a picture that will make it to Lonely Planet

Amar, Akbar, Antony. Or Ram, Robert, Rahim

Only a low-angle shot can convey its great girth

Lots of work overground for an underground rail

The unsung heroes in the dreams of Bangaloreans