Any wonder private sector hates reservations?

The mention of “social inclusion” invokes a yawn in many people but this infographic accompanying a story on the first-ever caste census of corporate India’s human resources, in The Indian Express, shows why it should not.

The proportion of scheduled caste and scheduled tribe employees in the private sector, it shows,  does not reflect the SC/ST population in many of India’s most industrialised States, according to a CII survey.

Karnataka, where SC/STs comprise 22.8 per cent of the State’s population, is able to give a job to only nine per cent of them, leaving a gap of 13.9 per cent. The gap is lowest in Tamil Nadu: 2.1%. Andhra Pradesh has a gap of 5.7% and Kerala, has more SC/STs in the private sector than their share in the population and therefore a -3.26% gap.

Infographic: courtesy The Indian Express

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