CHURUMURI POLL: Prosecute B.S. Yediyurappa?

Karnataka’s disgraceful tamasha since the BJP came to power two years ago—a scandal and scam-tainted tragicomedy that has reduced a great and glorious State to a laughing stock in the eyes of the world—is seeing one more ridiculous twist following a spurt in the tu-tu-main-main between the governor and the chief minister.

At stake is the issue of the prosecution of the CM, B.S.Yediyurappa, and his man friday, the home minister no less, R. Ashok, on a petition made by a lawyers’ forum, chronicling the well-documented charges of corruption against the two. The State cabinet has adopted a resolution urging the governor not to give permission for prosecution, but H.R. Bharadwaj is, if nothing else, relentless in proving why he was sinecured to Bangalore.

However since asmita is the last refuge of pumped-up, linguistically challenged, pseudo-patriots—like you know who, Narendra Damodardas Modi —Yediyurappa has sought to turn the governor’s deployment of the well-known Hindi proverb ulta chor kotwal ko daantein” (the pot calling the kettle black) into a question of Kannadiga pride, claiming that the governor’s use of the word “chor” (thief) is an insult to the people of the State.

Unperturbed, Bharadwaj says he will give the go ahead for the chief minister’s prosecution, while the BJP plans to petition the President for the governor’s recall, besides holding dharnas all over the State.

Questions: Should the governor give his permission for the chief minister’s prosecution, or not? Is the State being harmed by the antics of Yediyurappa & Co more, or by Bharadwaj’s? Will the political cat of nine lives, Yediyurappa, survive this, too?

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