How a famous bus station looks without the buses

The Kempe Gowda bus station— the late R. Gundu Rao‘s most famous contribution to the skyline of Bangalore as chief minister—wears a deserted look on Saturday, following the bandh called by the BJP to protest the sanction of prosecution of the incumbent, B.S. Yediyurappa.

And, apropos of nothing, three random Facebook comments, courtesy a TV personality, a film maker and a journalist:

The TV personality: “This is the second time in two years that the BJP has called for a Karnataka bandh. Who will be made responsible for all the stone pelting, arson and the losses?”

The film maker: “BJP is still not used to being in power. It thinks and behaves more like an opposition party than a ruling party. How ridiculous for a government that is supposed to take care of its citizens, to declare a bandh? Who is supposed to take care of us? The custodians of law are becoming its breakers?”

The journalist: “Political parties continue with their acts to trouble the people. The BJP brings the state to a standstill on an issue that is related to just two individuals.”

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News