Circus within a circus, that is Karnataka politics

M.S. Prabhakara in The Hindu:

“The political pathology of the state and society in Karnataka is marked by near-frozen divisions rooted in caste and regional loyalties. Fortunately, religion and language identities allow for some plasticity. The fragmented polity merely reflects this social and political reality….

“Given the State’s depoliticised polity, beset metaphorically with too many circuses, the political mobilisation against such a regressive political formation [as the BJP’s] has had very little that is political about it. Instead, it too looks like a circus.

“Consistent with the Congress culture to which the JD(S) too is heir, the mobilisation has always looked like yet another attempted palace coup that was a feature of the rearranging of the deck chairs during the years of Congress dominance. Only this explains the constant visitations upon the Raj Bhavan, routinely described as ‘courtesy calls’.

“The leader of the Congress legislature party routinely calls for the resignation of the chief minister, sometimes imploring the BJP legislature party to ditch Yediyurappa and elect a new (BJP) leader in his place. It is almost as if the problems faced by the people of the State are not the doing of the BJP but of one individual.”

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