CHURUMURI POLL: India 1983 or Sri Lanka 1996?

Now that the hyper-hyped, pressure-cooked, emotion-laden, diplomacy-injected semi-final is out of the way, here is a simple question: which subcontinental team will have the honour of becoming the first to win cricket’s quadrennial showpiece for the second time in Bombay tomorrow?

Will India repeat 1983?

Or will Sri Lanka repeat 1996?

Will India’s strong top-order conquer Sri Lanka’s strong bowling lineup? Or will the equally strong Sri Lankan top order conquer India’s weaker but so far effective lineup? Will the middle order (and the injuries) be the achilles heel for both teams? Does India have the home team advantage, or does Sri Lanka have the edge have played before on the newly laid Wankhede track? And which ice-cool wicket-keeper will turn out to be the better captain in marshalling his resources, Kumar Sangakkara or Mahendra Singh Dhoni?

Will the boys in blue ensure that Poonam Pandey (in picture) will have to keep her promise of baring all if India wins? Or will the other boys in blue protect her modesty?

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