A governor whose time has come… to go?

Editorial in The Hindu: Bharadwaj has to go

“Unabashedly partisan in his motives and actions, Karnataka Governor H.R. Bhardwaj has been, for a long time now, a disgrace to the constitutional office he holds. Bhardwaj, through his actions, has again brought to the fore the issue of Governors acting as political agents of the Centre in States ruled by opposition parties. If this situation is not to continue indefinitely, Bhardwaj must be made an example of. His continuance in the Raj Bhavan in Bangalore is no longer tenable. Gubernatorial posts are not for trigger-happy political adventurers.”

Editorial in The Times of India: Missing the point

“Real problems of governance which threaten the future of the state have been ignored thanks to Bhardwaj’s fatuous and repeated insistence on imposing President’s rule. Corruption, nepotism and abuse of power are rampant in Karnataka under Yediyurappa‘s administration. But these do not amount to the sort of constitutional breakdown that would justify President’s rule. India is a federal country, which has served it in good stead. It is best kept this way.”

Editorial in the Hindustan Times: More partisan than the party

“A few months ago, the Yediyurappa government was on the ropes following allegations of corruption. Today, thanks to Bhardwaj’s ill-advised moves, the chief minister has been able to cast himself as being more sinned against than sinning. Bhardwaj’s conduct is bound to raise the issue of partisanship of governors who formerly owed allegiance to one or other political party. Though they are expected to rise above partisan politics, all too often old habits die hard or they are used to settle political scores. Which brings into disrepute an institution which many feel has outlived its shelf life.”

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A governor whose reputation precedes him