The fault lies not in the players but the umpire?

What Karnataka’s selfless politicians want is easy to guess from their sponsored trips to luxury spas in various seaside locations.

But what do Karnataka’s people want from their politicians?


Saritha Rai in the Indian Express:

“What Karnataka yearns for is a transparent, incorruptible chief minister like Bihar’s Nitish Kumar, says Shashank N.D., the founder of Practo, which builds online software for doctors. Bangalore envying Bihar? Who would have even imagined that a few years ago, he asks.

“Event manager Ajith Rao says he envies Gujarat for Narendra Modi, its chief minister. Modi tops the list of India’s most dynamic chief ministers, assertive and capable, says Rao. In contrast, many find Yediyurappa a weak ruler, constantly bogged down by his inability to manage his legislators, his ministers and his partymen.

“Yediyurappa lives dangerously, crying during TV interviews and hurling allegations of voodoo against his rivals. He comes across as feeble and ineffectual. Contrast Karnataka’s leadership with New Delhi’s Sheila Dikshit who appears to be a strong administrator and a vocal politician, says media consultant Usha Radhakrishnan. “

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File photograph: Chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa inaugurating a cricket tournament in Mysore in April (Karnataka Photo News)