Nation, State & the 2G ‘scam’ no one talks about

In all the name-calling and tu-tu-main-main that Karnataka’s politics has been reduced to, there is little talk of the other “2G”—Good Governance—that god’s own party boastfully promises from every pulpit, podium and platform.

The Economic Times reports that with three chief ministers in the last seven years, the political tug-of-war is beginning to affect the State: the growth rate is down, job creation is down, infrastructure projects are slowing down, and the morale of the bureaucrats is down.

# K.R. Girish, partner KPMG: “This political instability has virtually brought about a breakdown in the bureaucracy and there is no bureaucrat whom the industry can approach.

# A senior bureaucrat, asking not to be named: The “lack of moral stature of the state government” has affected the morale of the civil service.

# T.V. Mohandas Pai, former director, HR, Infosys: “There is a big disconnect between potential and actual action… this gap has only widened.”

Infographic: courtesy The Economic Times on Sunday

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