Should netas swear before God in secular India?

Long years ago, the American author Kurt Vonnegut wrote that disaster is brought on most frequently, not by sceptics who agree to live under flawed and cumbersome human laws, but by those who cannot be satisfied with anything less than the law of god. If natural law is king, divine law is an ace, Vonnegut said, and dictators have fistfuls of aces and kings to play with.

It is impossible, of course, that Vonnegut had the scum of Karnataka politics in mind, but B.S. Yediyurappa of god’s own party, has set about to prove him right. By inviting his bugbear, H.D. Kumaraswamy of the Janata Dal (Secular, no less), to prove his allegations of corruption not at the court of man-made laws but at the divine court of the Manjunatha temple in Dharmasthala, the scam-tainted Karnataka chief minister has dragged divinity into the nonstop disgrace that has been the hallmark of BJP rule.

The questions are obvious about this dharmic duel: Why bring god into this battle of mortals, when a simple injection of the truth serum at a forensic science laboratory (televised live) would have been enough to ascertain who was being extravagant in their lies? What would a lifeless piece of stone know about human frailty, albeit of the VIP kind? And why just the Manjunatha temple, why not some other temple, church, mosque, gurudwara, stupa or fire temple?

But the even larger question is the nonstop joke that the Hindutva buffoons have reduced the State to, in the eyes of the nation. One of the most progressive regions of the 20th century, is getting submerged in a sea of superstition and obscurantism in the 21st, at the hands of casteist and communal crooks and thugs, whose battle strategy starts at maata-mantra and stops at obscene visits to temples, near and far, with hapless animals being  sacrificed at the altar.

And now this: what had god done to deserve this?

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