There are trees—and then there are VVIP trees

Whether it is Bangalore or Mysore or anytown India, City authorities have just one solution to meet the relentless menace of vehicles on our roads. Which is to kill the trees coming in their way and widen the road, and reduce if not erase the space for pedestrians.

And whether it is Bangalore or Mysore or anytown India, hapless residents have just one recourse to this state-sponsored murder. Which is to hug the dear trees that have served them so well for decades and hope that somebody, somewhere will be touched enough to cry halt to the madness.

And so it was near Sankey tank in Bangalore on Wednesday, when longtime residents staged a protest. Funnily, when a tree had to be similarly murdered in the august precincts of Raj Bhavan a few years ago, the governor’s office made a big song and dance of carefully transplanting the old tree.

Are trees which offer shade, breeze an comfort to VVIPs somehow more important than those that provide the same pleasures to the aam admi, aurat and animal?

Any wonder the State should want to decline the UNSECO heritage tag for its most pristine spots?

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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