Oh Lord, please let not Maria Susairaj adopt us

With Maria Susairaj, the Mysore-born virgin “starlet”, getting “closer to god” after a gruesome murder during which she passed out but was “suspect number one“—and walking into the deranged lap of Ram Gopal Varma—these pups can only hope that the former St. Thomas school girl does not lay her affectionate eyes on them.

Of course, Maria’s rich builder-father would build a deluxe 2BHK kennel for them like the one Neeraj Grover spent his last night in. And our very devout, church-going Moni would take loving care of all three of them at the same time, and chop their food into nice pieces and destroy any trace of evidence left behind by them on the morning walk.

Then again, if Rs 50,000 is all she pays for a human life….

Or, if other pups came up for adoption….

Representative photograph:  Pups for adoption at a camp organised by Let’s Live Together, at Sankey Tank in Bangalore on Sunday (Karnataka Photo News)