Why on earth does Bangalore Metro look so ugly?

It is difficult for anybody who has seen or used the Delhi Metro to not wonder at how uninviting its Bangalore counterpart, or sections of it which are ready, is turning out to be. Admittedly, we are talking of two cities 2,500 kilometres adrift. And obviously Namma Metro is still a work in progress.

Still, the signs are all there that something is amiss (and these pictures, both shot in Bangalore on Thursday, provide some indication).

The obscene number of pillars, and the short span between them, as compared to Delhi; the slapdash job and finishing evident in the picture below; and the archtitectural mismatch that the Metro track presents with structures all around town, should leave an aesthete wondering.

Probably the topography and soil strength is different, requiring different strokes for different folks. Maybe the design and alignment of existing roads adds to the pressure. Maybe the Metro will look different in different parts of the City. Maybe by the time of the actual run, it will look neater, better. Maybe a few decent showers will clean up the mess.


But looking at pictures of the Namma Metro construction over a period of time, it is difficult to not wonder if, like the much-touted Bangalore international airport which has turned out to be a steel-and-glass cowshed compared to Delhi’s or Hyderabad’s new airports, is the Bangalore Metro showing similar signs of a ripoff in the name of public transport?

Photographs: Karnataka Photo News


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