CHURUMURI POLL: What next in Karnataka?

While the opposition parties are unanimous that chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa should resign after the Lok Ayukta’s stinging indictment in the Rs 16,000 crore illegal mining scam, the BJP is caught between several stools, even as the incumbent strikes yet another note of brazen defiance.

Yediyurappa for his part has indicated that he will not resign, and asserted that everybody—his MLAs, his party’s “all India” leaders, everybody—is with him. But his party high command, alive to the continuing embarrassment of his stay ahead of the monsoon session of Parliament, is meeting in Delhi to decide the next course of action.

Many options are before the BJP. The first is to let Yediyurappa continue in power, but that move risks exposing the party on the national stage every single day while it sits on the high horse on 2G, CWG and other scams. The second is to choose a less-divisive, cleaner successor; it will help if it is a Yediyurappa acolyte, it might hurt if it is not.

The third option is to recommend dissolution of the assembly and seek to come back with a bigger majority, but that move carries two risks: one, Yediyurappa’s stranglehold on the party could continue with attendant national risks, and two, the voters may not back the BJP as it thinks they do.

What do you think should the BJP do now?