From entry to exit, superstitious at every step

This is the typewritten press release that was sent by the media advisor to the Karnataka chief minister, R.P. Jagadeesh, around midnight last night, announcing B.S. Yediyurappa‘s stand after the BJP parliamentary board directed him to “resign immediately” following the strictures of the Lok Ayukta, Justice Santosh Hegde, in the Rs 16,000 crore illegal mining scam.

For an overly devout CM belonging to God’s Own Party—who had a near-permanent vermilion mark soldered into his forehead; who spent a substantial part of his tenure in visits to temples and mutts near and far; who was scarily afraid of the dangers posed by maata-mantra to his (and his government’s) longevity; and who even invited his arch-rival to swear before “God” at a temple to prove his innocence—Yediyurappa’s letter can be “Exhibit A”.

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