The best Yediyurappa pictures on Planet Earth

Forty-six months ago, in October 2007, began curating pictures of B.S. Yediyurappa with an outstanding KPN picture (left) during a protest in front of the Raj Bhavan after “the worst betrayal ever” by the JDS, in denying him the chief ministership as per the 20-20 agreement between the two parties.

Thirty-two pictures later, the day after forcing him to step down in the illegal mining scam in 2011, Yediyurappa’s bugbear, Lok Ayukta Justice N. Santosh Hegde, strikes a near-identical pose while clambering upon on to the stage for a meet-the-press programme at the Press Club of Bangalore on Friday.

Also seen in the picture are PCB president M.A. Ponnappa (extreme left), and Sadashiv Shenoy (right).

Photographs: Karnataka Photo News


The complete B.S. Yediyurappa photo portfolio

1) Is it an idol? Is it a statue? Is it a mannequin?

2) One leg in the chair, two eyes on the chair

3) Yedi, steady, go: all the gods must be crazy

4) Kissa Karnataka chief minister’s kursi ka: Part IV

5) Why did the chief minister cross the road divider?

6) Sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down

7) Dressed to thrill: Yedi-Chini bhai bhai in Shanghai

8) Survival of fittest is a great photo opportunity

9) Drought relief one day, flood relief the next

10) How a chief minister should drink tea. (Or not.)

11) Let the rebels know, the CM will not bow one inch

12) Even four pairs of hands can’t stave off the flak

13) Yediyurappa regime slips into yet another sandal

14) Behind every successful cyclist, there are a few men

15) Life’s a cycle. What goes up must come down.

16) A leg up for the one is a leg up for the other

17) The emperor’s new clothes has a loose button

18) Why does this poor, selfless soldier cry so much?

19) The great Indian rope trick adds inches to a giant

20) Even Alan Donald would quiver at such a glare

21) One sanna step for man, one giant leap for anna

22) A party of loafers, thieves, liars and land-grabbers

23)hree years in power = three rings, or is it four?

24) Say hello to the sarsanghchalak of the ‘ling parivar’

25) Why you didn’t this picture in today’s papers

26) Across, the line, feet wide apart, head still high

27) A matador takes the bulls by their horns (almost)

28) Relax, it’s not the dress code for namma Metro

29) And how a famous head looks after the ’2G’ scam

30) Oh fish! How he feels for the poor animal’s plight

31) Every good picture is worth a 1,000 volts

32) More proof that it will take a lot to get him down