CHURUMURI CONTEST: What’s on Yedi’s mind?

There is no other way to say this: the media will miss B.S. Yediyurappa. For three years and two months, the Karnataka chief minister was a photographer’s (and front page editor’s) dream come true, striking poses with his hands, legs, eyes, clothes and general demeanour.

(Thankfully, he has reassured us that he will be back in six months.)

There is also no other way to say this: still photography, especially news photography, is an absolute nightmare these days with television (and outsized advertisements) wrecking the scene. Rare is the photographer who manages to capture the present in a manner that might surprise posterity.

This superb frame, published by Kannada Prabha today, is an exception. It captures almost everything that has happened in Karnataka politics over the past week (and indeed in the past three years and two months), and it shows the tenuous relationship between Yediyurappa and his arch-rival H.N. Ananth Kumar.

Here’s a caption-writing contest with no prizes: What’s on Yediyurappa’s mind as he thrusts a ladoo into his successor, D.V. Sadananada Gowda‘s mouth?

Photograph: K.Ravi, courtesy Kannada Prabha

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