Thankfully, cleanliness is next only to godliness

The saner way of looking at this picture is to view it rationally. Surely, the all-knowing, all-seeing lord, in his infinite wisdom, would understand that his time-, attention-, and devotion-strapped devotees didn’t have the time, attention or devotion to bid him goodbye in the same way they welcomed him.

The less charitable way of looking at this picture is to view it as proof, full and final, of our civic consciousness, or utter lack of it. The brazen use of plaster of paris and lethal chemicals and paints to immortalise our devotion says much of how much we value his creations—the ponds, the lakes, the rivers—with vacuous prayers on our lips.

Which is why, this idol which wouldn’t become one with the water at a special pond in the Ulsoor lake in Bangalore on Wednesday, is now having to be disposed of thus, like last night’s garbage. Not that the good lord would mind, of course, in his infinite wisdom.

Or perhaps not.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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