So, who is the chief minister of Karnataka?

Every now and then, typically on a slow news day, a news story emerges, usually filed by the agencies, of a village in the back of beyond, generally in the cow belt, which still thinks Indira Gandhi is still the prime minister of India.

You could put that down to all the stereotypes: lack of literacy, lack of reading culture, etc.

You could even say it would not happen in the parts of India.

Well, think again. In this YouTube video, a Suvarna News reporter does a Jay Leno, going around asking a very dumb question: Who is the chief minister of Karnataka? The vox-pop produces results that should leave us wondering about the “wisdom of the voter.”

Of course, in half-serious shows like these, the correct answers are edited out to accentuate the effect, but even so you are left wondering if more is really merrier; in the sense just because there is a lot of media creating a lot of noise, does it leave us all wiser?