500 TV channels, and not one for classical music?

There are few locations in the world where a Grammy-winning musician descends to entertain a couple of hundred people on a tiny cross road that is a couple of hundred feet long, for a couple of hours.

But then “8th Cross, Vontikoppal” in Mysore is no ordinary spot on the map of classical music.

Before he commenced his jugalbandi with the violinist Mysore Manjunath on Monday, Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt made an impassioned plea before the assembled cognoscenti.

“We have over 500 television channels across the country, many of them showing what is completely antithetical to our culture.

“We have dozens of music channels, which fill the air with film and pop and rock and bhangra and god knows what else.

“Just why is it so difficult in a land of so many rich patrons and sponsors that we cannot have a TV channel purely dedicated to classical music?”

Why, indeed?

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