If only Hrithik Roshan could bat as well on Day 4

It happens only in India, a cricket series Down Under named after an upcoming Bollywood movie which Star Cricket merrily uses as its motif without revealing to viewers that it’s a paid-for advertisement.

Meanwhile, the incomparable M.J. Akbar explains the difference between ridiculous and ludricrous, in India Today:

“Nothing I have heard in the deathbed year of 2011 was more ridiculous than Sourav Ganguly‘s command to our cricket team in Australia on the “Agneepath Series”: Be Fearless! After which he added a paean to his own fearlessness. That was both cheeky and thick.

“Long before he retired, Ganguly began to play cricket with his neck: his neck was far more agile than his bat against the rising ball. On more than one occasion Ganguly developed mysterious back aches at the sight of a green pitch on the first morning. Whenever the world’s quickies were short of a laugh all they had to do was watch a video of Ganguly trying to get out of the way, and the party could begin.”

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Dear God, save us from Sunny & Dada, Shaz and Waz