Is there space for another Kannada news channel?

On paper, the media market in Karnataka is not the largest of the four southern States. The conventional wisdom is that unlike Andhra Pradesh, we do not have as many eyeballs; unlike Tamil Nadu, we do not have as many urban centres; unlike Kerala, we do not have a booming retail market; and unlike all three, we do not have deep pockets.

But the reality is slightly different.

Karnataka has more newspapers and as many news channels as the biggest of the four States. To the existing stampede of TV news channels—TV9, Udaya News, Suvarna News, Kasturi News, Janashree and Samaya—one more will be added tomorrow, when former Kannada Prabha and Suvarna News editor H.R. Ranganath‘s Public TV goes on air.

Question: is there space for one more Kannada news channel?

Photograph: A hoarding for the soon-to-be-launched Public TV on Cunningham Road in Bangalore (Karnataka Photo News)