CHURUMURI POLL: Who is your role-model?

As the old saying goes, nostalgia is no longer what it used to be. Even so, in a discourse dominated by the here and now and the ephemeral, Infosys chief mentor N.R. Narayana Murthy has struck the right note by talking of the nation’s diminishing stockpile of role models.

“The number of role models that our youngsters can look up to is decreasing. How many people in our public life can you be proud of for honesty, courage, commitment and hardwork? And that number is dwindling. Our youngsters don’t have role models to look up to and therefore, and sadly because of corruption, some of the people who are doing exactly the opposite — dishonest, deceit, ‘chalta hai’ and all of that… they are becoming more and more powerful… they are becoming wealthier,” Murthy has been quoted as saying.

Not just in politics but in business, industry, economics, science, art, music, media, films, cricket, etc, there clearly is a dearth of people to look up to. Sure, the standard Miss India responses—“Mother Teresa, “A.P.J. Abdul Kalam“, “Narayana Murthy”—are still valid, but who beyond and beside them?

So, who in this day and age, in big bad India do you think is the ideal role model? Do today’s young who are connected to a wider world really need Indian role models?