Why Karnataka nixed sex education proposal

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: According to a statement by an official of United Nations children’s emergency fund, in April 2011, the Karnataka government prudishly turned down a UNICEF proposal to impart sex education to school students in classrooms.

While attending a state level consultation on ‘Adolescent children and their issues’, a senior UNICEF official was quoted as saying:

“We cannot shy away from reality. Adolescents around the world are engaging themselves in sexual relationships. They risk getting infected with HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, if they lack awareness. Moreover, girl children are at the risk of having unwanted pregnancies. In such a scenario, sex education should be mandatory.”

Maybe the Karnataka government were waiting for the right and experienced teachers to do the job.

Now that problem has been solved.

Three of D.V. Sadananda Gowda’s cabinet Ministers, the tech-savvy Lakshman Savadi, C.C. Patil and Krishna Palemar who were caught while watching a porn video on their mobile handsets while the legislative assembly session was going on and dismissed from Government, can be given the job.

They are eminently suitable to impart sex education and much more.

Now UNICEF should not have any complaints!

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