Missing: Kannadiga pride at global investors meet

N.V. Krishnakumar compares the just-concluded global investors’ meet(GIM)  in Karnataka with the Gujarati version of the same event, in Deccan Herald :

“During Vibrant Gujarat, the entire gamut of the state—from their culture, cuisine and language to their entrepreneurial spirit, quality of life and Gujarati pride—is marketed to investors and visitors. Without preference for any sector or district in the state, the strength of Gujarat as an engine for growth is promoted and noticeable to all investors and participants much to their own admiration.

“At the Global Investors’ Meet, a lack of vision is palpable. Government and its advisors have failed miserably to promote the overall strength of Karnataka. Along with mining rich districts, most of the attention revolves in and around Bangalore. Missing is the Kannadiga pride at the event.  There is no mention of the beauty of the state, its salubrious climate and its outstanding educational institutions. The stunning architecture, iconic food, great wildlife, the myriad places of historical prominence and cities that are in close proximity to ports and sea coast finds no mention.”

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Photograph: Chairs being arranged during the global investors meet in Bangalore on Friday (Karnataka Photo News)

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