‘What’s wrong if Aamir Khan exposes ‘butchers’?’

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: Ajji returned from Allahabad, suntanned after a brief visit.

Rama Rama. It’s unbearably hot. Agni nakshtra should be reworded as Agni Raaakshsa. Mysore is heavenly with dark clouds and signs of rain already.”

She was happy to be back and touching base with her friends.

As she watched Aamir Khan‘s Satyamev Jayate episode on disabled people, she wiped a tear.

“This is really needed. We are blind to all these kinds of things even when we were surrounded by it day in day out.”

“What is it, Ajji?”

“Female infanticide. Because of dowry and so many other beliefs, people are getting rid of female foetuses. It is such a shame that it is being practiced even today with some unscrupulous doctors abetting the crime. Idu paapa alveno?

Howdajji. Nowadys who bothers about paapa and punya?”

Alvo! We take pride in reciting Lalitha sahasranaama. We take pride in Dasara celebrations worshipping Goddess Chamundi. We also celebrate Durga puja. But nobody in the world kills foestuses as we do the moment we know the baby is going to be a female. It is widely prevalent in the North.”

Nobody could question Ajji’s views on North having just come from there.

Howdajji. We are masters of hypocrisy.”

Alvo. We have so many Gods and godmen. Why is nobody is raising their voice against this? Why don’t swamis teach their baktha vrundas that it is against religion, scriptures etc? What kind of discourses do they do?” she demanded.

“Swamijis are busy in their own fiefs, Ajji. They are busy celebrating their birthdays, fighting pitched battles with the media, and the like.”

“Our Software Seethamma was saying that a couple of weeks ago in Satyamev Jayate, Aamir showed the malpractices of doctors—their unabashed habit of writing out a battery of tests and examinations so that can get a cut and doing operations even when it is not necessary.”

“True Ajji, it created a lot of controversy. The medical council wants Aamir Khan to apologise!”

“Seethamma told me last night that film actor Sridevi’s mother was operated on the wrong side of her brain by a New York doctor.  They are called as ‘medical butlers’ there it seems!”

Ha ha ha, Ajji.”

Ashte alla kano. Our ex-governor T.N. Chaturvedi’s son died on the operation table in Bombay Hospital while being operated for back pain—not a life threatening case at all—by a famous doctor and his team. A young boy who had come home for holidays from America walked in to the hospital for a comparatively simple operation and came out dead. If this is the fate of famous people, God only should save ordinary people like us!”

Howadajji. Aamir Khan is precisely taking up cases where it is proved doctors are corrupt. A few years ago, Ketan Desai, president of medical council of India and his associate Jitendra Pal Singh were arrested  for taking Rs 2 crore for giving recognition to a medical college in Punjab.”

Ayyo manehaalra! What kind of doctors will we get from such colleges? We will get medical butchers as surgeons! I hope they are in jail now.”

“Yes, Ajji.”

“Crooks in every profession say contractors who adulterate cement etc must be exposed. But  if some doctors who are supposed to be in the ‘noble profession’ and have taken oath that they will serve mankind indulge in selling body parts,  make money unscrupulously playing on our emotions Aamir Khan is rightly exposing such charlatans. Satyamev Jayate means ade alva. Only truth should triumph in the end.”

Neenu helodu khandita nija, ajji.”

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