‘Both UPA and NDA will be routed in 2014 poll’

The predicament of the Congress-led UPA, with scams and scandals raining all over it, has led many to conclude that it should be a cakewalk for the BJP-led NDA in the next general election. But a survey by a Delhi-based market reserch agency, published by Mint, the business daily of the Hindustan Times group, predicts a bad time for both alliances.

“Marketing and Development Research Associates (MDRA), which studied its own by-monthly sample surveys and other recent surveys across the country, said as of July 2012, UPA would decline to 130-140 seats if there was an election now to the Lok Sabha, losing 120-130 seats from its present tally of 266 that excludes outside supporters.

“Similarly, the NDA would see an erosion in its strength by about 25-35 seats, reducing the number to anywhere between 115 seats and 125 seats.”

Agree? Disagree?

Infographic: courtesy Mint