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There are many labels the Kannada and Tamil actress Divya Spandana also known as Ramya has attracted in her chequered career: moody, hothead, temperamental, drama queen, etc.

She may be all that and more, but she is also spunky, spirited, full of beans, not short of “attitude”, never short of a word, and lives life on her own terms.

Being elected the youngest female Congress MP for the short time that is left in the tenure of the current Lok Sabha may seem trivial, but doing so in the male-dominated Vokkaliga hotbed of Mandya carries all sorts of import.

Will the Ooty-educated actress with a cloistered upbringing, who is now a firm favourite for a ticket in the next general election, be a successful politician with her ear to the ground? Or will she end up being seen as a puppet of politicians firing at their rivals from her nimble shoulders?


Watch Ramya in an item number in the movie Johnny mera naam, Preeti mera kaam:

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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