You couldn’t see Urjit Patel sprint but this is how fast an officer can run from media

RBI governor Urjit Patel hit the headlines yesterday when he scooted from the media to evade questioning by reporters on the sidelines of the forever “Vibrant Gujarat” summit.

Although some reporters like Vasudha Venugopal of The Economic Times tweeted the home run, not too many newspapers felt it necessary to give the sprint due play.

The Bangalore-based Deccan Herald was one of the few that did, and it should soon be hearing from Venkaiah Naidu‘s censor board, if it hasn’t already:

None of our TV stations, certainly none of our business channels, could capture this epic moment in the demonetisation marathon that Patel has presided over for two months.

And even if they did, they haven’t shown it to us for patriotic reasons.

Which means, we do not know the athletic abilities of the RBI guv, whose predecessor Raghuram Rajan was, of course, so quick off his feet that he has already reached Chicago.

But fret not over what you have missed.

Last year, the top bureaucrat of Karnataka, Arvind Jadhav, who used to be Air India’s chief for a while, demonstrated that a good IAS officer can on a good day actually fly leaving the media gasping.


And imagine Urjit Patel in his shoes.