The dirty tricks department is in top gear and it should shame us (and scare us) all

The BJP in general and the Narendra Modi government in particular routinely fire from the shoulders of the armed forces.

Vacuous adjectives like nationalism, patriotism and the “soldier on the border” trip off their tongues even to push through a deleterious decision like demonetisation.

Eastern commander General Praveen Bakshi who was superseded in the appointment of the new army chief by the government, now says he was the target of a “malicious campaign” over a period of five or six months.


Gen Bakshi, of course, doesn’t blame anyone in the Modi government or the BJP but what he outlines has great parallels with the scuttled appointment of top lawyer Gopal Subramaniam to the Supreme Court as a judge.

“I have no reason to believe that our chief-designate… is involved in this nonsense,” says Gen Bakshi, leaving little to the imagination.

Surely an all-seeing, all-knowing administration should have been able to smell a smear campaign from a mile, unless this was a convenient handle to remove Gen Bakshi from the race in favour of its preferred candidate, Gen Bipin Rawat.

Gen Bakshi says he wants to get to the bottom of the smear campaign.

Gopal Subramanium has had better luck. He was the amicus curiae in the Supreme Court in the BCCI case involving the Lodha panel recommendations.

Join the dots.