10 ways in which Modi Sarkar can hit back at Rajiv Bajaj for telling the truth

PRITAM SENGUPTA writes from Delhi: Exactly 100 days after the pradhan pilot cancelled the flight of the Indian dreamliner, mid-air, Rajiv Bajaj has broken the ‘maun vrat‘ of industrialists, businessmen and corporates.

Rahul Bajaj‘s worthy son has said demonetisation was a bad idea.

In other words, it was not a good idea badly implemented, but a bad idea to start with, plain and simple.

 “B-A-D I-D-E-A.”

Or, to put it in Donald Trump-Ian words: “It was a bad idea, very bad idea. Terrible.”

In other words, again, it wasn’t Arun Jaitley‘s fault or Urjit Patel‘s fault or the fault of the note printing presses, it was a bad idea by Narendra Modi.

“N-A-R-E-N-D-R-A M-O-D-I.”

Modi and his mantris, bhakts, trolls, who sometimes are the same, don’t like shit like this being said, which contradicts the fiction put out in WhatsApp messages and Facebook updates and newspapers ads every morning.

Proof: Aamir Khan—and Snapdeal (and guess what happened after that).

So, how can Rajiv Bajaj be taught, in the words of that brave Hindutva soldier Manohar Parikkar, a lesson that he will not forget for this “anti-national” comment?

# Get IT Cell to manufacture a graphic which links Bajaj’s family to the freedom movement, which of course was led by the Congress. See, we told you, he’s a “Congi”.

 # Speak to Google and Twitter bosses in India and ensure that Rajiv Bajaj’s original statement stops “trending”. Or else.

# ‘Ulta chor kotwal ko daante‘. Call Rajiv Bajaj a “killer”, for eliminating the scooter by setting up a fake encounter with the motorcycle.

# Put pressure on the Road Research Institute, conveniently located in Pune, to rigorously test and “fail” Bajaj’s next motorcycle for road-worthiness.

# Impound his passport so that he cannot go abroad and address auto fairs. Direct Amitabh Kant to not invite him for next ‘Mad in India’ summit.

# Ask Venkaiah Naidu to get his ghost writer to pen a puff piece in the ‘Indian Express‘ on what Rajiv Bajaj was doing when Indira Gandhi denationalised banks.

# Get Enforcement Directorate to go through all Bajaj papers with 55-year retrospective effect to spot all violations of Rs 10 upwards.

# Get CII to issue a formal statement distancing themselves from Rajiv Bajaj’s statement, calling it his personal opinion. 

# See if the chief of TVS motorcycles, or better still, Rajiv Bajaj’s brother Sanjiv Bajaj have a contrary view and if they are willing to express it.

# Diktat to all RSS shakha members to stop booking or using Bajaj motorcycles. Those who get into Bajaj autorickshaws should only pay in old notes.