S.M. Krishna’s views on Yogi Adityanath will make BJP’s staunchest bhakts blush

S.M. Krishna is 85 years old. 

He has been a politician for at least 55 years of his life.

He has been a Congressman for at least 50 years, presumably upholding the secular, liberal, humanist traditions of the grand old party.

He has been governor, chief minister, MP, Union minister, etc in his long career.

He has seen India and he has seen the world.

On joining the BJP, he has given a long interview to K. Raghava Sharma, the Delhi correspondent of the Kannada daily newspaper Vijaya Vani.

In the final question, the interviewer asks Krishna for his views on Adityanath ‘Yogi’, the new chief minister of Uttar Pradesh.

Krishna’s response, loosely translated, is this:

“I had seen him in Parliament but didn’t know much about him. I have been learning more about him lately. His concern towards protection of animals and the environment is commendable. The steps he is taking to strengthen law and order in his state are worthy of emulation. That is the reason UP is in the news across the nation in the last 4-5 days. What else do you expect from a chief minister? Hats off to him.”

Loosely translated in Sanskrit, it means “Vinaasha kaale vipareetha buddhi.”

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