If there is curry in your lunch today, and you like Yogi, you might like to read this

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So, you think it is OK to not rent out your house to someone because he is Muslim?

That it is all right to write “For Vegetarians Only” in a classified ad for your house?

That the neighbourhood mutton shop should be removed because of its foul smell?

Well, think again.

What you do to others, others can do to you.

What’s nectar to you can be noxious to others.

A landlord in Britain has instructed his staff not to let his property to “coloured” people because of the curry smell they leave behind.

Coloured people are us.

“They” is us, Indians and Pakistanis.

Fergus Wilson, 69, described as “Britain’s biggest buy-to-let landlord”, owns nearly 1,000 homes.

His directive, seen by The Sun newspaper, reportedly reads: “No coloured people because of the curry smell at the end of the tenancy.”

In an email to his staff, he writes:

To be honest, we’re getting overloaded with coloured people.

“It is a problem with certain types of coloured people — those who consume curry — it sticks to the carpet.

“You have to get some chemical thing that takes the smell out. In extreme cases you have to replace the carpet.”

Whether it is vegetable curry or chicken curry or mutton curry that has got Wilson’s goat, we do not know but you might like to keep him in mind the next time you put in some fragrant curry or bay leaves in your sambar.

Or turn out somebody.

In January, Wilson had banned single mums, battered wives, plumbers and low income earners from renting his homes.

Ferguson’s acts are of course racist, just as what is happening in Yogi Adityanath‘s Uttar Pradesh today in the name of shutting down illegal slaughter houses—religion-based economic terrorism to deprive the poor of cheap protein.

Photograph: courtesy The Sun

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