Say hello to the IPS dude who could not sort out a golf ball problem without getting into blows


Kushala Satyanarayana has an excellent story in today’s Bangalore Mirror on an improbably named IPS officer, Vikash Kumar Vikash, being suspended from the Karnataka Golf Association after a tiff with an NRI golfer last month.

“It began when one of them pointed out to the other, ‘You have played my ball,” to which the other retorted, ‘You have stolen my ball.'”

One thing led to another and soon the duo was engaged in a fist fight.

Squabbles like these are routine on the golf course, but a few questions are obvious: an IPS officer, even if posted in the social welfare department, has a lot of time on his hands.

Two, if an IPS officer cannot amicably sort out a ball problem, without getting into blows, good luck to the ordinary mortals who have to deal with him.

And three, what kind of training in restraint and mind control do these pumped-up officers get in their academies?

Vikash Kumar Vikash was earlier DCP Bangalore and SP Bangalore Rural. Hopefully, he won’t post a selfie on World Yoga Day.

The NRI, also suspended from the KGA for a month, is Anand Iyer. Hopefully, he is some high-earning techie type in Silicon Valley about to launch an IPO.

Given the Bangalore Club precedent, we should soon see some police action at KGA, in response to this “insult” to one of their own.

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Screenshot: courtesy Bangalore Mirror