You are what you eat: The more non-veg you are, the more anti-BJP?

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The Indian Express has an interesting analysis of the eating habits of people and their electoral preferences.

Eight of India’s top-10 major states ranked by their preference for vegetarianism are BJP-ruled—-and eight of the top-10 major states ranked by their preference for non-vegetarianism are non-BJP ruled.

These numbers have been culled from the Census of India’s Sample Registration Baseline Survey 2014.

There appears to be a correlation between a state’s eating and political leaning. And there appears to be a common thread among the BJP states which have gone after the meat industry.

Is South India’s high non-vegetarianism, especially inn Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Telangana, therefore, the key reason why BJP has not been able to make more than marginal headway?

And is Karnataka the BJP’s “Gateway to the South” because it is only slightly more vegetarian than its peers?

Infographic: courtesy The Indian Express